Not only does siding protect your home from the weather, but it also offers insulation, enhances its appearance, and boosts your home’s value. There are various types of materials you can choose from for your home, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and metal. When you partner with a professional siding company, you can take advantage of their expertise and knowledge in installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, and inspections. 

At APlus Roofing & Restoration, we provide siding services for Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey homeowners. Not only can we install super durable and long-lasting James Hardie siding on your home, but we can also ensure your gutters are properly installed and functioning, cap your exterior window frames, door frames, and fascia boards with a protective metal layer, add various aesthetic and functional additions like trim, decorative elements, shutters, window boxes, and architectural accents, and so much more.